Warner Bros. is teaming up with Gary Sanchez Productions' Will Ferrell and Adam McKay to bring The Flintstones back to the big screen with a new animated feature.

Chris Henchy has been tapped to write the screenplay. He is Will Ferrell and Adam McKay's partner at Gary Sanchez, and also wrote the script for The Campaign. Will Ferrell and Adam McKay will serve as executive producers for the project, which is still in the early stages of development.

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The Flintstones debuted in 1960, producing 176 episodes in its six seasons on the air, setting a record for the longest-running animated series until The Simpsons shattered that mark. The show follows Fred Flintstone, his wife Wilma and their neighbors Barney and Betty Rubble, who live in the quaint town of Bedrock. No story details were given for this new version.

The TV series spawned the 1994 live-action movie The Flintstones, which starred John Goodman, Elizabeth Perkins, Rick Moranis and Rosie O'Donnell and the 2000 sequel The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas. We reported in 2011 that Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane was working on a reboot for Fox Television, but it never materialized.

It isn't known when this might hit theaters, but the news comes just one day after the studio's Warner Animation Group set February 10, 2017 and February 9, 2018 release dates for two unspecified animated projects.