The Fly: According to Variety, Fox Searchlight has made a deal with newcomer Todd Lincoln to write and direct yet another updated version of The Fly!

With the original film (1958) film, and a remake (1986) already in the can, what could the studio, as well as the director's intentions with another remake possibly be? Here's what he told Variety:

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Lincoln is an admirer of the 1958 original and David Cronenberg's 1986 redo and swears he won't fall into that fly-trap of regurgitating a well-worn plot. "I'm one of those comic book sci-fi fans who read the remake announcements and groan," he tells Variety. "This is certainly inspired by the original but it's a total re-imagining." What new things can we expect? "Why, in both films, did the fly never fly?"

Stay tuned for more on this project...

Brian B. at Movieweb
Brian B.