John Carpenter's The Fog is returning to theaters just in time for Halloween this year. Not only that, but the movie has been given a full 4K restoration by StudioCanal, meaning that the 1980 classic is going to look better than ever. The only downside is that the currently planned theatrical released is quite limited, so only a relatively small amount of horror fans are going to have the chance to soak in this new restoration on the big screen. Eric Di Bernardo, Rialto Pictures' director of sales, had this to say about the upcoming re-release of this John Carpenter masterpiece..

"'The Fog' has been our most requested title for as long as we have handled the StudioCanal library here. It is Carpenter's most visually alluring film and we think it's been worth the wait."

The plan for right now is to release The Fog at the Metrograph in New York, Landmark's Nuart Theatre in Los Angeles and the Music Box Theatre in Chicago starting on October 26. Throughout Halloween week, the movie will also be screened at certain specialty theaters, such as the Alamo Drafthouse. So if you happen to live near a Drafthouse, it sounds like that may be your best chance to take in this restored version of The Fog, unless you live in L.A, New York or Chicago. That makes it a big month for Carpenter, who is executive producing the new Halloween movie, which arrives in theaters the week prior. Interestingly enough, The Fog was actually the first movie that Carpenter directed after the original Halloween.

In The Fog, strange things begin to occur as a tiny California coastal town prepares to commemorate its centenary. Inanimate objects spring eerily to life; Rev. Malone (Hal Holbrook) stumbles upon a dark secret about the town's founding; radio announcer Stevie (Adrienne Barbeau) witnesses a mystical fire; and hitchhiker Elizabeth (Jamie Lee Curtis) discovers the mutilated corpse of a fisherman. Then a mysterious iridescent fog descends upon the village, and more people start to die.

Upon its release in 1980, The Fog managed to do quite well for itself. Made for a budget of just $1 million, the movie grossed $21 million at the box office. A remake was released in 2005. It was directed by Rupert Wainwright with a cast that includes Selma Blair and Maggie Grace. To say the least, the remake was not received well, as the movie currently sits at an abysmal 4 percent approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes. It grossed $46 million worldwide, working from a much higher $18 million budget.

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It's likely that The Fog will be given a new 4K home video release, now that it's been restored. However, StudioCanal and Rialto Pictures have not yet made any announcements on that front. But that's something to keep an eye out for. Be sure to check with your local Alamo Drafthouse locations or specialty theaters for showtimes. This news comes to us courtesy of Variety.

Ryan Scott at Movieweb
Ryan Scott