We reported way back in October 2008 that director Ridley Scott became attached to a new film adaptation of a Joe Haldeman novel and now the author revealed the film is starting to move forward. Haldeman revealed on his blog that he had talked to the writer of The Forever War adaptation, who, "has good credits like Unforgiven," which means that David Webb Peoples is the screenwriter in question. Here's an excerpt from his blog.

Scott has a script; last I heard, it was the fourth rewrite. I've talked to the writer -- he has good credits, like Unforgiven. RELATED: Forever War Starring Channing Tatum Sparks Bidding War

I'm not among the people who assume that the novel will be desecrated by the movie. It will be interesting to see somebody else's take on it.

Haldeman's book revolves around a soldier fighting in space for a couple of months, only to return home some 20 years later to a planet he doesn't understand.

We'll be sure to keep you posted on any further details on The Forever War as soon as we have more information.