Freddy vs. Jason:Fangoria is reporting that Brad Renfro might be off the production of Freddy vs. Jason! There is no official word from Newline yet, but we'll keep you posted as things develop...

The Fountain:Ain't Cool News has gotten a rather interesting letter from a member of the crew on The Fountain:

We are sorry to tell you as of 1/2 an hour ago the news was announced to all of us working on the picture that the film is over. Apparently Brad cannot be talked back onto the film. Aronofsky said he and producer Gil Adler tried everything they could to convince him to come back on, but no cigar. The fact is that Warner Brothers will not go ahead without another big-name star. Aronofsky said there are only four other big names that are of Pitt's box-office caliber, all of whom are unavailable at such short notice.

The real bummer is for the 400 or so crew who have flown in from all corners of Australia and overseas - out on their asses. What amazes us is that it appears Brad Pitt has no real understanding of the impact of his decision, now only seven weeks from shooting. We estimate there is over 1500 people here in Australia, including family and children, who are now displaced and unemployed.

We're sorry to see this happen on such a high profile film in which so many man hours have already been spent trying to make it a reality. CLICK HERE for the entire letter.

Ghost Ship: The official site has now been launched. CLICK HERE

Farscape: Sci-Fi channel's long running sci-fi space flick is being canceled. Here what executive producer, David Kemper, had to say about the demise of the show in an online chat with fans last Friday:

"We are two days away from shooting the last scenes of season 4. As you know, Sci Fi has picked us up for 4th and 5th seasons. However, as with everything done at a corporate level, there was an out clause built into Sci Fi's pickup schedule. As of yesterday, we were informed -- after massive efforts by everyone at Henson and working on the show -- most importantly Brian Henson and the 3 gentlemen here that Sci Fi was not going to exercise it's option to pick up the 5th season of Farscape. The rumors that everyone has been calling me about are sadly very sadly true. Tuesday will be the last time Ben dons the uniform of Commander John Crichton".

Thanks to Dark Horizons for the scoop.

Cradle To The Grave: The official site for the new DMX/Jet Li flick has been updated with some stills from the film...CLICK HERE to take a look!

Ripley's Game:Cinemovies has gotten a hold of some fine stills from the production of Ripley's Game. CLICK HERE

Cat In The Hat:The Z Review picked up on some set shots from Cat In The Hat. CLICK HERE

The Tuxedo:Coming have gotten their hands on some great shots from the upcoming Jennifer Love Hewitt / Jackie Chan flick, The Tuxedo.

Stay tuned...~Brian