Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash: Some new rumors are spewing online over at Creature Corner about the future of the Freddy vs. Jason franchise including Bruce Campbell as Ash from the Evil Dead' films. Check out the scoop:

Reliable sources have revealed that one of the current ideas being tossed around includes a scenario where Freddy and Jason would team-up against a common enemy: Bruce Campbell as Ash from the "Evil Dead" films. As crazy as it might sound, this concept has apparently been met with a great deal of enthusiasm in the upper-echelons of New Line Cinema. (Not to mention the degrees of separation: "FvsJ" producer Sean S. Cunningham directed Campbell in last years "Terminal Invasion" for the SciFi Channel.) RELATED: Friday the 13th Screenwriter Wins Big Victory in Ongoing Legal Battle

While it's impossible to predict what sort of "unknowns" might prevent this concept from seeing the light of day (like, say, the rights holders of the "Evil Dead" series or Campbell himself saying no) it's interesting to know that New Line is at least considering what could turn out to be many a fanboy's dream team-up "plus one" for the not-to-distant future...

Thanks again to Creature Corner for this great scoop!

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