"The Grudge meets Dark Water" is how the cover of the DVD describes this film. Fair enough. It could also be A Tale of Two Sisters meets Ju-On or Reincarnation meets Ringu meets The Eye etc. The point being that the story is not new and the scares in the film have been done (to death at times). So don't go into this expecting anything innovative or groundbreaking. The film makers are clearly cashing in on the continuing trend among Asian horror producers to continue using the same formula over and over. Sometimes it's very effective, and sometimes it's just a dud.

In the case of South Korea's The Ghost it's really kind of neither. The entire film was, as Lisa Simpson would put it, "meh". Not bad, but not awesome. Just..."meh".

The story revolves around a college girl suffering from disassociative amnesia impairing her ability to remember anything from over a year ago. As she slowly begins to put the pieces together of her past, her friends around her start dying off by drowning in their own homes away from any water. Yeah, it's really similar to the US version of Ring in that sense. As is the ghost. As is a lot of it. But aren't they all? Anyway, she soon understands that her past is not a pleasant one and that she is not the person she assumed she was. Enter The Ghost.

There is a decent, though slightly corny twist at the end, but nothing that really makes the film worth seeing again. The background story between the main girl and the guy she hangs out with is nice and well done. The acting is decent. The look of the film is fine. One or two creepy moments, a scare or two and some pretty cool ghost effects. . .and that's really about it. Not a bad movie by any stretch, but not one that really breaks any new ground.