The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo hits theaters nationwide December 21. Until then, the viral marketing campaign for the film will remain in high gear. Take a look at another new viral video below, which features footage from the Hedeby Island accident scene. Then read on for news about the discovery of yet another viral website.

One of the keywords tagged to the video on the Mouth-Taped-Shut blog is "WIHIS," which translates to "What is hidden in snow." That phrase leads us to the new viral site, where all we see is a mysterious grid. This will presumably be filled up with photos from The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo in the near future. The new site seems to be a companion to, which we reported on a few weeks back. Another keyword on the video is "look closer," so maybe there is something more hidden in this mysterious video. Can you find it? (I can't.)

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