Here's a real offer you can't refuse. According to Blocks and Files, the Godfather DVD Collection trilogy has just recently been restored and plans to re-release the trilogy on DVD and possibly Blu-Ray are under way with a release date set for sometime in September. Here's a snippet from that article:

"The restoration efects are dramatic. The beautifully restored Godfather trilogy will be re-released in September, prompting, no doubt, hundreds of thousands of DVD sales and, hopefully, Blu-ray disk sales as well. Only with Blu-ray will the full richness of tone and detail in Coppola's masterpiece transfer to home screens. Perhaps this will be the Blu-ray offer that home movie screen viewers cannot refuse."

Of course, the re-release of this classic Francis Ford Coppola trilogy has not been officially announced by Paramount as of yet. We'll surely keep you updated on any news regarding this new and improved DVD set.

UPDATE: (6/30/08) The Digital Bits has reported that this set will be available to own in standard format and Blu-Ray on September 23. The standard five-disc set, which comes with a full disc of new extra material, will be priced at $72.99 SRP while the four-disc Blu-Ray set will be priced at $119.99 SRP. Full details on this set are below.

Disc 1:

- The Godfather feature film

- Commentary by director Francis Ford Coppola

Disc 2:

- The Godfather, Part II feature film

- Commentary by director Francis Ford Coppola

Disc 3:

- The Godfather, Part III feature film

- Commentary by director Francis Ford Coppola

Disc 4:

- Godfather World (HD)

- The Masterpiece That Almost Wasn't (HD)

- ...when the shooting stopped (HD)

- Emulsional Rescue: Revealing The Godfather (HD)

- The Godfather on the Red Carpet (HD)

- Four Short Films on The Godfather

--- The Godfather vs. The Godfather, Part II (HD)

--- Cannoli (HD)

--- Riffing on the Riffing (HD)

--- Clemenza (HD)

- The Family Tree (Blu-Ray exclusive)

- Crime Organization Chart (Blu-Ray exclusive)

- Connie and Carlo's Wedding Album (Blu-Ray exclusive)

This set will also include all of the original special features from the 2001 boxed set that are as follows:

-Behind the Scenes

-- The Godfather Family: A Look Inside

-- On Location

-- Francis Coppola's Notebook

-- The Music of the Godfather

-- Coppola & Puzo on Screenwriting

-- Gordon Willis on Cinematography

-- Storyboards from The Godfather, Part II

-- Storyboards from The Godfather, Part III

-- The Godfather: Behind the Scenes 1971

- The Filmmakers

-- Francis Ford Coppola

-- Mario Puzo

-- Gordon Willis

-- Dean Tavoularis

-- Nino Rota

-- Carmine Coppola

- Additional Scenes

- Acclaim & Response

- Trailers (HD)

- Photo Gallery

- Rogues' Gallery