The Oscars are done for 2006, but what will everyone be talking about tomorrow? The gowns, the tuxes, Jon Stewart's performance, the speeches, Three 6 Mafia winning, Reese Witherspoon beating out Felicity Huffman, what will it be? Will it be just the overall awards?

I think what I will remember and will be talking about is the fact that I actually watched the whole show. Not that I wouldn't be watching it anyway, but how long this show really is, and people stay in their seats waiting for the drinks to start flowing at the after parties.

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I'm not going to go through all the winners and losers, cause we know them already. What I'm going to is go through the three and a half hours and give my take on why people watch this awards show.

I'll start with the opening animated segment; that's definitely one of my highlights of the night; seeing the Delorean from Back to the Future still gets me. Then, going right into the intro to Jon Stewart as host, great job by whoever put that together! I was thoroughly impressed by the editing and sequencing, having all the old hosts of the awards, Billy Crystal, Steve Martin, Whoopi Goldberg, and Dave Letterman - brilliant, and very clever. And the dream sequence with Jon and Halle Berry and George Clooney - good stuff.

So what about Jon Stewart? When I heard he was going to be hosting this year, I was pretty excited; I was also a little hesitant because he can get a bit political sometimes. And his opening monologue did go a little far, but nothing Clooney would find offensive (oh, don't worry, I'll get to George in a second). But I don't think Jon got the laughs he was hoping for, and I was hoping for, really.

Ok, as far as the awards themselves, George took the Supporting Actor award; all I have to say is at least he knew this was the only time he was going to be lifting a trophy that night. I really have a problem with his yada yada politics stance, and he tries to push them on everyone else.

But those speeches are one of my pet peeves with these award shows, especially with the Oscars. Even Jon Stewart came back from commercial and made fun of the long speeches, with help from Tom Hanks; I'm so tired of people talking about winners having long speeches.

What I have a problem with is the damn band cutting off winners when they're giving their speeches. I know this is just part of keeping the show short, but if the Academy would stop wasting time showing clips from years past of movies that have won, or actors who were inspirational, there might be enough time for everyone at these award shows to speak. In the first hour alone, four people were cut off because they were 'out of time;' I also counted in the first hour of the show three clip reels that took up over three minutes each. That's nearly 10 minutes saved right there, people.

I like movies; that's why I work in the movie business. I'm not saying we should forget the older actors and great old movies, but not here at these award shows. It really just takes up time.

Enough of my rant, I'll go to Ben Stiller - you're not funny anymore; Zoolander was your highlight. The green suit gag just didn't work; even Steven Spielberg didn't think it was funny - and he knows movies.

As far as fashion, I'll be the first to admit I don't do fashion, but Morgan Freeman? He's now officially an Oscar winner (thanks to last year's win for Million Dollar Baby), so why didn't he wear a tux? If you missed it, he was wearing an open jacket, blue shirt, and an ascot covering his neck. I guess when you're as talented as he is, you don't have to worry about what you wear at the Academy Awards.

A few other fashion notes, Nick Park and Steve Box donning oversized bowties for not only them, but their winning Oscar trophies - priceless, and good for them for making fun of the whole thing. After what Aardman Animation went through last year, with their building burning down in London, they deserved this win! (On a side note, I was pulling for Corpse Bride to take this award, but without a doubt, I'm still happy Wallace and Gromit won.)

Some surprises from the awards - well, there's no question Three 6 Mafia winning Best Song takes the cake. However, in a year when only three songs are nominated, it's kind of hard to say that wasn't the best song. But, if I had to pick a negative thing to say about them winning, it's their speech; I know they're happy, but this is not the BET Awards or the MTV Awards - don't use the 'f' word when you're up on the podium, just celebrate the moment.

I think Reese Witherspoon winning for Best Actress for her role in Walk the Line was a surprise; I know not many people saw Transamerica, but Felicity Huffman had to take on the role as a man wanting to be a woman. It's almost like Charlize Theron gaining 50 pounds and becoming unattractive for Monster; now, that's not fair to all of us who think Felicity is beautiful. Anyway, way to go Reese!

Some closing notes, most everything went according to the script, a few people got cut off during their speeches, Jennifer Garner almost slipped on stage, Dustin Hoffman couldn't read his lines, Jon Stewart made four Jewish jokes (two of them involving Itzhak Perlman), surprise, surprise, March of the Penguins won, Brokeback Mountain didn't sweep, Crash took home some much deserved statues, too many retrospectives of old movies.

A good time had by all - now drink the night away! The 2006 Academy Awards are over, now the Kodak Theater can hold other events, like Sesame Street Live!