The Goonies 2 will more likely than not never get made, but Corey Feldman says there's still an "outside chance" that the sequel will see the light of day. Directed by Richard Donner and released in 1985, the original movie starred Feldman alongside Sean Astin, Josh Brolin, Jeff Cohen, Kerri Green, Martha Plimpton, and Ke Huy Quan. The adventure movie is one of the most popular titles of its era, but despite its success, an official sequel was never developed.

Over the years, Donner had teased The Goonies 2 along with Feldman and other cast members. The odds of it happening looked to fall tremendously when Donner announced his plans to make Lethal Weapon 5 as his final movie, as the Goonies cast were only interested in returning if Donner was back at the helm. That's no longer an option at all in the wake of Richard Donner's passing at the age of 91, making it seem like both The Goonies 2 and Lethal Weapon 5 have been permanently shelved.

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In a new interview with Movieweb, Feldman reignited hope for The Goonies sequel, though he admits that the odds are rather small. Recently, the former child star met up with Mel Gibson, who knew Donner from working on the Lethal Weapon movies. Speaking about potential sequels to their respective movies made with Donner, Gibson mentioned that he could possibly direct Lethal Weapon 5, and if that happens, Feldman feels that it could lead to The Goonies 2 as well.

"One of the things Mel mentioned to me, because we started talking about Lethal Weapon 5 vs. Goonies 2 and that whole debacle, and I said I knew that there was no way he could have pulled off Lethal 5... So, Mel says to me, 'Well, you know, people have been saying maybe I should just direct it.' And I said, 'You should! That would be great.' So, who knows. The point of that was, maybe this will encourage Mel to take over the helm and direct Lethal Weapon 5, and maybe one of us will be inspired to take over the helm and direct The Goonies 2."

That's not to say Feldman would want to see just anyone stepping into the director's chair for The Goonies 2. From his viewpoint, the sequel could still work without Donner so long as it's directed by someone else who understands the movie, specifically one of its original cast members. Steven Spielberg and Chris Columbus, who'd crafted the story together, could also potentially direct the project. Barring the original cast and crew, Feldman thinks The Goldbergs creator Adam Goldberg is the only other director who could potentially pull it off.

"It could happen, you never know. But, if that were the case, it would either have to be one of the cast members or it would have to be like Steven [Spielberg] or Chris [Columbus]. Or maybe if there was some kind of a pre-existing agreement between Dick and Adam Goldberg, because I know Adam Goldberg had just met with him to pitch Goonies, so if on the outside chance they had some kind of a deal written up where Dick had passed the torch and Adam could prove that, then maybe that could work. But that would be as far as I'm willing to stretch on it."

It's best not to bet on The Goonies 2 ever happening, and the same can probably be said for Lethal Weapon 5. Even so, for fans wanting to see these sequels, it's good to know that not all hope has been lost just yet. You can check out our full interview with Feldman on YouTube.