UPDATE: Curtosy of Corey Feldman's Blog, we have word from the original Goonie himself that this rumor is not true. Here is what Feldman had to say: "I have read the new rumor on Goonies 2 and all I can say of that is I have checked my sources and as for now it still does not exist. Sorry Clint, I guess you better check your source. However I would love to be proven wrong."

Is a long-gestating sequel about to happen? According to a new story, it definitely is. Moviehole is reporting from an annonymous source that Warner Bros. is not only setting up a The Goonies 2 film, but it will be a theatrical tentpole release as well. Here's a snippet from the article.

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"A source at Warner Bros has since confirmed this - saying they are developing it as a major movie, but won't share anything other than that. Nothing we didn't already know though."

The arcticle also mentions that there are writers on board, although they are not named and a director or casting choices have not been revealed either.

We'll be sure to keep you posted on this new release as soon as we get more information.Corey Feldman's Blog