The Goonies is celebrating its 25th anniversary with an incredible new Collector's Edition Blu-ray and DVD, which will hit shelves on November 2. We were invited to a special event on the Warner Bros. lot where we got to speak with several of the key players involved in this family classic. Director Richard Donner is one of those players, who revealed that a sequel to The Goonies will likely never happen, nor will a remake. Here's what Donner told us:

"I'll be honest, we tried. We were thinking about that for years back, couldn't do it. We felt like everything we were doing would hurt what we had with the original. But Steven Spielberg said something the other day to me that he and Chris Columbus were talking about and maybe something - but I don't think there'd be a sequel. You can't sequelize it because it would have to be new Goonies. I don't know how you'd do it. I wouldn't remake it. If anything it'd be something new and fresh about more Goonies. Goonies are kids in every place in the world, every town, that maybe don't quite fit in and gravitate towards each other, and they get in trouble. Although that was a period in life where you could do a lot of that. Frankly, now, you'd be busted. I think it would be hard to think about kids looking for pirate ships today. They'd be looking for UFO's and flying them, but Steven did that."
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However, Richard Donner did reveal that there are plans in the works to take The Goonies to Broadway as a new musical:

"Hopefully we're doing this as a musical on Broadway. It's in the stages of an outline. It took forever to get on Broadway. It was a long, long process but it just got a lot shorter because there's a great writer/producer, Tim Long, who does the musicals on The Simpsons which are classic. He just delivered a treatment on The Goonies as a musical and it's friggin' great."

You can relive all the magic of The Goonies with the new 25th Anniversary Collector's Edition on Blu-ray and DVD November 2.