Whenever a franchise has laid dormant for a number of years, the cry for a sequel or a reunion can reach deafening volumes, only to be met with a product that is derided by fans for being a worthless waist of time that taints any goodwill we had for the original. Just look at Arrested Development. Fans wanted a movie for years. When they finally got their wish in the form of 15 all-new episodes, they hated it. The magic was dead. No one knows how this works better than Corey Feldman. For years, fans wanted a The Lost Boys sequel. Twenty years later they got Lost Boys: The Tribe, and it was horrible. Two years later, Lost Boys: The Thirst wasn't quite enough to make up for it. Any way you look at it, turning The Lost Boys into a franchise was a bad idea, a waist of time and talent, and only stood to tarnish a classic 80s vampire flick.

For years, nearly thirty to be exact, we've been hearing about The Goonies 2, a sequel to 1985's cult classic The Goonies, which would reunite the entire cast. It's never come together, mainly because of cast availability and lack of a good script. If it did eventually get made, we're pretty sure it would suck anyway. Corey Feldman, who's been in the business for more than forty years, knows this a little too well. So, today, he has shared his latest music video with the entire world (formerly an MTV exclusive). Its his Ascension Millennium (an entire movement, not just a song), and it contains a cameo by Sean Astin as Mikey that is so enduring and so funny, it completely decimates any need for The Goonies 2 to ever exist. There's no way a sequel could be better than this 4 minute epic, which also includes a peek at Corey's Angels, hot pancakes, a couple of well-known celebrity friends, and one of Feldman's signature Michael Jackson dance routines (thus also eliminating the need for a Dream a Little Dream 3 or a Rock 'n' Roll High School Forever 2). Check it out in its entirety if you already haven't. You will thank us later!

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