The Grand isn't even in the theaters yet, set to open on March 21, and the director, Zak Penn is already pumped for the film's Blu-Ray release. Home Media Magazine recently spoke with the writer/director of this improvised poker comedy talked about some of the extras on the Blu-Ray disc, and shooting the film in HD.

"I'm looking forward to the Blu-ray version because we couldn't fit our extras on the DVD because we have so many extras," Penn said. "We have an hour-long cut of the final [poker] table that's cut like a TV show, which if you are into poker you'll love, and if you're not, you'll be bored shitless. That'll all be on the Blu-ray version."

He also talked about shooting in Las Vegas in HD, and how happy he was with the trasfer.

"I've seen versions of the movie where it looks as detailed as it's ever going to look," Penn said.

He also added, "That shot where Woody [Harrelson] is outside, the camera spins around him, and you can see all the lights twinkling," Penn said. "Some of that stuff in HD is incredible. It looks better than film. Vegas at night was built for HD cameras."

The Grand antes up in the theaters on March 21.