/baz-luhrmann-not-directing-the-great-gatsby/Earlier in the month, Baz Luhrmann wasn't sure if he was going to continue pre-production on his proposed adaptation of The Great Gatsby, which is set to star Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire, and Carey Mulligan. Soon after he declared his indecisiveness in regards to moving ahead on the project, Warner Bros. /the-great-gatsby-heads-to-warner-bros/announced they were picking up the distribution rights on the film.

Today, it has been announced that Baz Luhrmann will indeed move forward on what he calls a "very personal project". And it will be shot in his hometown of Sydney, Australia.

The Great Gatsby will begin shooting later this year, with the director utilizing 3D for the first time in his career. Baz Luhrmann has been work shopping the script for months now. In March, he will continue with pre-production, and then in August he will shoot for seventeen weeks. This will be followed by 30 weeks of post-production work.

Australian Premier Kristina Keneally announced the decision to shoot in Sydney a "big win" for the country, stating the following.

"This comes at a good time for the film industry. Australia was thought to be losing international filmmaking due to the strong Aussie dollar. The Great Gatsby will be a boon for the NSW film industry, particularly given Baz Luhrmann 's commitment to maximizing use of local cast, crew and visual effects expertise."

While Warner Bros. is backing the movie, production will happen at Fox Studios in Sydney.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange