Seth Rogen isn't going to let a little thing like physical fitness get in the way of him playing the title character in The Green Hornet. Rogen was recently on Late Night With David Letterman where he told the late-night host that his personal trailer is working him to the point of getting sick.

Rogen is hitting the gym in preparation for him taking on the role of Britt Reid in the adaptation of the 1966 television series. Rogen is planning on losing thirty pounds for the role.

Rogen said "I lost a little weight... I have a personal trainer now... it's really hard. I exercised to the point where he made me throw up. I thought he'd be kind of supportive about it - rub my back, or hold my hair out of my face. There was none of that at all. He seemed totally disappointed in me."

Regardless, Rogen is convinced his dedication will pay off. "I'll make a fine Green Hornet," Rogen says.

The Green Hornet is actually Britt Reid, a playboy who inherits his father's newspaper and then fights crime with his sidekick Kato. In an unusual move, the Hornet is considered by both the authorities and members of the underworld to be a crime boss himself, which allows Reid to pursue some crime-fighting tactics closed off to most vigilantes.

The character was created by Fran Striker and George Trendle, who also created The Lone Ranger. Originally conceived for radio, The Green Hornet has been adapted to film, television and comics.

At the present, no director has been signed for the film, nor has a casting announcement been made for Kato (though Rogen has mentioned wanting Stephen Chow for the role). What has been announced is a release date. Expect to see The Green Hornet on June 25, 2010.