Sony held a test screening for their upcoming 3D superhero adaptation The Green Hornet on Tuesday night, and the early buzz was so positive that Sony execs are now seriously considering a sequel, two months before the movie arrives in theaters on January 14.

The Los Angeles Times had spies at the screening, where Sony Pictures co-chairman Amy Pascal was overheard discussing a possible sequel after seeing the test screening results come in.

The test screening went over much better than Sony execs had planned, with the movie scoring a 93 rating, meaning 93% of the audience either checked the "Excellent" or "Very Good" boxes on the rating cards. 83% of the audience also said they would "definitely recommend" the movie to their friends.

We reported back in April that there was speculation Sony was unhappy with the movie. Weeks later it was reported that Sony was delaying the movie to convert it into the 3D format and there was speculation that the 3D conversion was a cover-up for larger problems with the movie. Regardless of the past negativity surrounding the project, it seems the finished movie turned out just fine. Although we'll have to wait until January 14, 2011 to find out for sure.

We'll continue to keep you posted with any further news on a sequel to The Green Hornet as soon as we have that information.