It sadly seems that Stephen Chow's involvement with The Green Hornet has come to a complete end. The actor/director who has made action-comedy history was once attached to both direct the film and co-star as Kato, the Green Hornet's companion. However, Seth Rogen told Cinema Blend that is no longer the case.

Rogen, who was caught at SXSW during the premiere of Observe and Report, said "We have no 100% official Kato at this point."

While the news that Chow had left the film as director, to be replaced by Michael Gondry, is old news, last anyone had heard he was still going to play the role of Kato. Now that seems to be in doubt. However, it is worth noting that Rogen's statement leaves the door open for Chow to still play the part - there just may be new contract negotiations that are ongoing which leave the certainty of Chow playing Kato in doubt.

The Green Hornet follows the exploits of Britt Reid, a wealthy heir to his father's newspaper franchise, The Daily Sentinel, who fights crime in the city at night, alongside his trusty martial-arts expert sidekick, Kato. Michael Gondry will direct the script co-written by Rogen and Evan Goldberg. The Green Hornet battles his way into theatres June 25, 2010.