DVDActive has found out that the DVD for The Grudge 2 starring Sarah Michelle Gellar will be released on February 6th 2007, with a SRP of $28.95:

Sony has announced horror sequel The Grudge 2 which stars Sarah Michelle Gellar, Amber Tamblyn, and Jennifer Beals. This Takashi Shimizu directed follow-up will be available to own in seperate rated (102 mins) and unrated (108 mins) editions from the 6th February. Each should retail at around $28.95. The rated edition will include an East Meets West featurette, a Grudge 2: Storyline Development featurette, a Ready When You Are, Mr. Shimizu featurette, a Reel Change Montage, and deleted scenes. The unrated edition will include all that, along with Tales From the Grudge with Sam Raimi Introduction, and a Holding a Grudge: Kayako & Toshio feature.

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