I swear I don't know how Jake Gyllenhaal does it. The man is one of the busiest dudes in all of Hollywood, and he just keeps adding new films to his plate.The man has his role as Spider-Man villain Mysterio coming our way in the Homecoming sequel Far from Home, and today we have word that the actor has signed on to star in the upcoming remake of the Danish thriller The Guilty.

Bold Films, Jake Gyllenhaal and Riva Marker's Nine Stories acquired the rights to the remake of co-writer/director Gustav Möller's thriller with Gyllenhaal attached to star as a police officer under investigation, who's demoted to desk work at an emergency call center. Things then get a bit crazier as the man receives a terrified phone call from a kidnapped woman, and he must battle his internal demons in order to save her.

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Sure that sounds like a male-lead remake of director Brad Anderson's recent thriller The Call starring Halle Berry and Abigail Breslin, but the original Danish film was by no means a slouch when it came to recent awards. The National Board of Review named the flick one of the top five foreign language films of 2018, and it recently snagged the world cinema audience award at this year's Sundance Film Festival. On top of all of that, the movie will be Denmark's foreign-language Oscar entry, and at the European Film Awards, the film has already snagged nominations for best screenwriter and best actor.

Gyllenhaal and Marker recently told said this.

"We saw 'The Guilty' at Sundance and were blown away Möller's film masterfully weaves tension into an acute character study and is exactly the kind of material that Nine Stories is excited to develop. We are honored to be able to adapt it for American audiences alongside Bold Films."

"We are super excited about this collaboration and we look very much forward to continue the amazing journey with The Guilty," The original film's producer Lina Flint said. Bold Films chairman Michel Litvak added: "We are thrilled to acquire this great IP for Jake. It's a terrific vehicle for him to craft a super taut, elevated thriller."

Gyllenhaal and Marker will produce for Nine Stories, alongside Bold Films' Michel Litvak, Gary Michael Walters, David Litvak, and Svetlana Metkina. Bold Films will finance the movie, and the original film's co-writer/director Gustav Möller and producer Lina Flint will serve as executive producers.

Again, I don't know where Gyllenhaal finds the time for all of these roles. On top of the above-mentioned Spider-Man: Far from Home, the actor also has Nightcrawler director Dan Gilroy's new thriller Velvet Buzzsaw premiering at Sundance soon, and debuting on Netflix this February. And not only that, but the man is keeping his presence alive on the stage as well, with some play called Sea Wall/A Life opening at the Public Theater on January 26, 2019. Let's just hope the man can keep it up as we're all excited as hell to check out his role as Spider-Man villain Mysterio, alongside Tom Holland, when that new Marvel movie swings into theaters July 5, 2019. Variety originally broke this news.