The Hangover 2 is a colossal disappointment. It is EXACTLY the same story, same characters, same resolve as the first film. It's almost as if they took the original script and replaced the words 'Las Vegas' with 'Bangkok'. How on earth could Todd Phillips (Director) have turned in such a half-assed, lazy film? It boggles the mind. I really cannot imagine a more lackluster effort on all parts involved. This movie is a pure cash cow. It's purely infantile with no surprises whatsoever. The term 'dialed-in' should be replaced with The Hangover 2.

Set two years after the original, Stu (Ed Helms) is getting married to the lovely Lauren (Jamie Chung) at a resort in Thailand. The crew - Phil (Bradley Cooper), Alan (Zach Galifianakis), and Doug (Justin Bartha) are invited. Even though Stu despises Alan, and has sworn to not even remotely have a bachelor party; the guys decide to have one drink on the beach. Tagging along for this one beer is Lauren's teenage brother, Teddy (Mason Lee), who Alan has taken a tremendous disliking to. Drumroll please...Alan, Phil, and Stu wake up in a drug-strewn, slum apartment. Stu has a face tattoo, Alan a shaved head, and Phil has a monkey that smokes cigarettes. Teddy and Doug are missing. Predictable and revolting hijinks ensue.

The Hangover 2, in addition to being the same film, is criminally unfunny. I laughed three times. The rest of the time I was literally dumbstruck by the lack of creativity. Did the filmmakers and Warner Brothers really expect audiences to like this movie? The sad answer is yes. They delivered the same formula for the same expected result, a $200 million plus box office take. Well the gag is on them. Audiences will be so insulted by this movie, that it'll plummet like a stone after memorial day weekend.

A few weeks back I wrote a very positive review for Bridesmaids. That movie is everything The Hangover 2 isn't, namely funny and entertaining. Save this one for late night cable.

The Hangover Part II is out May 25, 2011.

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