Director Todd Phillips has announced that Warner Bros. will debut the first teaser trailer for his highly anticipated comedy sequel The Hangover Part II this Friday, February 25th. This first footage from the highly anticipate romp will be attached to prints of The Farrelly Brothers' latest effort Hall Pass.

Todd Phillips isn't out to get fans too excited about the impending release of The Hangover Part II, though, which opens nationwide on May 26th. He calls this first trailer a true "teaser", and says that it will most likely frustrate fans.

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"We have a teaser trailer that I just finished color for yesterday night, so that'll come out next week. We've had, like, one photo out, and that's just because we finished shooting on New Year's Day, and the movie comes out on Memorial Day. It's really just a crazy-tight schedule. It's truly a teaser, so it might end up frustrating more than solving questions. I love it. It's a true tease, if that makes sense. It's just one of those things that's gonna make you go, 'OK, let's see what more they have.' It's to pique interest and to remind people what's coming down the pike."