Warner Bros. has already started the ball rolling on The Hangover Part III, hiring Craig Mazin to write the screenplay. Craig Mazin and Scot Armstrong co-wrote The Hangover Part II, which has already taken in over $200 million worldwide since its release on Thursday.

Story details for The Hangover Part III are being kept under wraps, although Craig Mazin exclusively revealed to us last week a few possible details on The Hangover Part III, which will likely be the last installment in this comedy franchise.

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"I cannot image a worse hangover than the one they experience in Bangkok. That's it. No more. The third one really has to be about something that gets them off of this cycle. Every time these three guys get together, something terrible happens. The third one is about saving them from a life of agony. Sometimes you are caught between a rock and a hard place. Sometimes, people are going to ding you for being too similar. They are going to ding you for straying. If it ain't broke, why fix it? This isn't really about responding to internal criticism. For the third one, I think it's really about what makes sense for the characters. When you are making an action movie, the action star is really an avatar for you to go through that situation. Its about the plot and action. This really isn't about the plot. It's about these guys going through some sort of horrendous growth experience. If we are going to end it...This isn't James Bond. We're not going to do The Hangover 20...There will be another one, and it will be the hangover to end all hangovers. And in a sense, it has to go to another level, again. The Hangover Part II goes to another level in terms of how dark and insane it gets. The Hangover Part III will go to another level for the guys."

Craig Mazin made those comments before becoming officially attached, so it seems they may have been cooking up a story for The Hangover Part III for awhile now. Warner Bros. hasn't release any official information regarding The Hangover Part III yet. However, with the enormous success of The Hangover Part II this past weekend, we expect an official announcement in the very near future.