The HangoverHome video buyers certainly drank in one of this past week's new DVD/BD releases in sweeping fashion. According to The Hollywood Reporter, The Hangover swept all three home video charts, topping the DVD sales charts, DVD rental charts and the Blu-ray sales charts, for the week ending December 20.

The closest competitor to the Todd Phillips comedy was Quentin Tarantino's World War II epic Inglourious Basterds, which came in second place behind The Hangover on all three charts, although it was a rather distant second place. Inglourious Basterds sold just 42.5 percent of the units that The Hangover and Inglourious Basterds rented just 50.5% as many rentals as The Hangover. The only other notable new release was the live-action/CGI hybrid G-Force, which debuted in fourth place on both the DVD sales and rental charts.

While The Hangover and Inglourious Basterds did finish 1-2 on the Blu-ray sales charts, Inglourious Basterds sold a higher percentage of its units in high-def, with a whopping 33% of all discs sold in the BD format. The Hangover still fared rather well on the 1080p side as well, with 24% of its total discs sold in Blu-ray.