The 1972 drama The Harder They Come, which starred reggae musician Jimmy Cliff, will be remade as a joint production by U.K.-based Xingu Films, the Canadian company Conquering Lion, and Jamaican producer Justine Henzell.

The original movie centered on an up-and-coming reggae musician who gets dragged into the criminal underworld. This new take will be modernized to reflect the current reggae culture. The Harder They Come was directed by Justine Henzell's father, Perry Henzell, who passed away in 2006.

Chris Salewicz (Third World Cop) is writing the screenplay, which will be set in Jamaica and London. Justine Henzell will produce with Trudie Styler, Alex Francis, and Damon D'Oliveira. Here's what Damon D'Oliveira had to say about the project.

"Next year is the 50th anniversary of Jamaica and the 40th anniversary of the original film, so the timing is perfect. The Harder They Come was the first film to bring the real Jamaica to the world, and that spirit informs this new version."

Production is slated to start next year.