The Hills are alive in July.

In a story from DavisDVD, 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment will be bringing out The Hills Have Eyes 2 on DVD July 17.

Sadly, they offer no word on what the extras (or price) will be but it is believed the film will be available in rated and unrated versions.


What started with the Carter family, clearly didn't end with the Carter family.

The Yuma Flats Training and Testing Facility in New Mexico is big. Sixteen hundred square miles of forbidding desert and mountains used by the U.S. military to test everything from weapons to men. It's there that our central characters, National Guard soldiers barely halfway through their basic training are given a routine mission that will change their lives forever.

They're ordered to deliver a piece of equipment to a group of scientists working in a remote and highly secret area of the facility known only as Sector 16. When they arrive at the isolated research camp, however, they find it is mysteriously deserted. After spotting what seems to be a distress signal flashing from the mountain that looms above them, their sergeant decides to take them all on a search and rescue mission, for surely this is a signal from the missing scientists. Who else could possibly be up there?

Unfortunately, some very nasty people, that's who. The fact is that our kids are smack in the middle of the very hills where ill-fated Carter family found itself attacked by a tribe of cannibalistic mutants lying in wait for them. When the surviving Carter's told the tale of their ordeal, the U.S. military performed a "robust" search-and-rescue mission that supposedly got rid of these monsters forever. But they were mistaken. The toughest and smartest of the Hills people simply retreated deep into of the old deserted mines that riddle the area. And waited. Until it all blew over. Until the government went away and left them alone to practice what they do best. Attack. Kill. Eat.

And that time has come.

Our young guardsmen and women are inadvertently sent straight into the monsters' lair. The cannibalistic leader, their ruthless patriarch, is Hades. The worst of the worst, intent on leading his pack in a lethal rampage. He's fuelled by insatiable hunger and a passion for revenge, but there's something even worse that he's up to. He wants to capture the two females of our squad so they can be used as breeders. The Hills people have been driven to the brink of extinction - Hades needs a baby to continue his family line!