It's Black Friday, something the U.K. doesn't celebrate the day after Thanksgiving. So it makes sense that we'd get a bit of The Hobbit casting news out of England this morning. The One Ring is reporting that actor Shane Briant, best known for his work in classic Hammer Horror films such as Captain Kronos: Vampire Hunter and Frankenstein and the Monster From Hell, as well as his role as Dr. Trayso Talnell/Kaarvok on Farscape, has auditioned for the role of The Mayor of Michel Delving in Peter Jackson's upcoming prequel.

While speaking at the Bram Stoker Horror Film Festival Whitby Hammer Convention and Exhibition, Briant revealed the news to a surprised crowd. Here is what he had to say:

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"I'm hoping to be in The Hobbit. Wouldn't that be nice. I auditioned for that. It's supposed to be the ridiculous Mayor of... something or the other... the Shire. And he took himself very seriously. So I got all dressed up, with a silly bow-tie, and I thought I gave a very good audition... I'd love to do that. That's real fantasy life. So we'll see."