Despite casting director Ros Hubbard making the /the-hobbit-casts-saoirse-ronan/claim last month that Saoirse Ronan has joined The Hobbit in an unspecified role, the young Irish actress has come forward to say that she hasn't signed onto the project yet.

At this weekend's Irish Film and Television Awards, Saoirse Ronan spoke for the first time about appearing in the The Hobbit. And she made it clear that nothing is official at this moment in time.

"No, nothing has actually been confirmed yet. I'd love to get a role in The Hobbit. I think everybody in the world would like a role in The Hobbit."
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Saoirse Ronan is rumored to be playing Itaril, a character that was created specifically for The Hobbit and The Hobbit Sequel. Itaril is described as a Silvan Elf chosen to become part of the Woodland King's Guard.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange