As any good Flight of the Conchords fan knows, Bret McKenzie played the elf Figwit in the original The Lord of the Rings trilogy, appearing in Fellowship of the Ring and The Return of The King. Its been revealed today that director Peter Jackson wants to bring the New Zealand native back for The Hobbit, which is currently shooting in Wellington.

The actor was only in Fellowship of the Ring for approximately three seconds, and he was given just one line in The Return of The King. But his scenes were memorable enough to have his character be given a name. According to lore, a fan at a screening attended by Peter Jackson said, "Frodo is great...Who is that?" And thus, his acronym Figwit was born (and yes, I am aware that this sounds like another April Fools joke, but this is 100% true...Or maybe Bret McKenzie is having a laugh...But the casting part is true).

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It is not clear if Peter Jackson is looking to bring Figwit back, or if Bret McKenzie will be playing a different character this time out. No further information has been released as of yet. It is possible that the actor is simply being brought back for a cameo to pay homage to his previous appearance in the first trilogy.