First-time director Myeong-chan Park has signed on to make his debut with the highly-anticipated sequel The Host 2. Producer Yong-bae Choi revealed the news, also announcing that Pil-Sung Yim wrote the screenplay.

This follow-up will feature two monsters this time around, although it isn't clear how this extended clip from November fits into the mix. Since production hasn't started yet, this video is believed to be an early test reel, so it seems unlikely that we will see this footage in the final cut. At any rate, it's well worth a look-see, so check it out below.

It isn't known when principal photography will begin, although the producers are eyeing a summer 2014 release date. It isn't known if casting has already begun at this time.

Joon-ho Bong directed The Host back in 2007, which centered on a deadly monster emerging from Korea's Han River, which is actually the host of a deadly virus.