Earlier today, we showed you a new character poster for The Host, featuring Saoirse Ronan as Melanie Stryder. That was just the first in a series of one-sheets showcasing these characters from this adaptation of Stephenie Meyer's novel. The story is set in a world where aliens known as Souls have taken over the planet, infiltrating their human hosts one by one. Open Road Films has unveiled the second character poster, featuring Max Irons as Jared Howe, Melanie's love interest in director Andrew Niccol's sci-fi adaptation.

The Host Character Poster Max Irons

Jared is 26 years old when he and Melanie first meet (in most of the story, he is 29). Loving, aggressive, and somewhat excitable in Melanie's memories, by the time Wanderer meets him he has become quite bitter. He bears a grudge against Wanderer, and is unable to empathize with her for most of the book. He starts to change his views on the Soul, however, when he sees her comforting a dying friend. He is somewhat of a rival to Ian O'Shea, who sees him as competition for Wanderer's affections. He also has a parental relationship with Jamie, whom he continued to care for after Melanie's capture. He is described as being muscular and tall, with tan skin, sienna-colored eyes and naturally dark, but sun-bleached hair. His survival skills are an asset to the group, and he is considered responsible and capable by most other characters, but his rational thinking sometimes becomes a bother to the more sentimental humans.