Open Road Films has unveiled another poster for Andrew Niccol's sci-fi thriller The Host. The film is based on a novel by Twilight's Stephenie Meyer and tells the story of an invasion of parasitic aliens, called Souls, that possess humans in order to conquer the planet. This new one-sheet features Saoirse Ronan as the lead character Melanie Styrder. Take a look.

The Host Melanie Styrder Poster

Melanie Styrder is a 21 year old human, who was captured by a Soul named Wanderer. Melanie survives Wanderer's implantation into her body, and resists the Soul's control as best she can. She likes the feeling of being physically strong and berates Wanderer for neglecting to keep her that way. She has a temper and may be considered volatile compared to docile Wanderer. Melanie is passionately in love with another human, Jared Howe, and shares a strong bond with her younger brother, Jamie. It is clear from their relationship and previous interactions that their years on the run made her extremely parental. Despite initial anger at Wanderer for stealing her life, they eventually become unwilling allies, and finally develop friendship and a bond that mirrors a sister's.