Filmmaker Andrew Niccol has been set to direct The Host, an adaptation of Stephenie Meyer's first post-Twilight novel. We reported earlier this month that Saoirse Ronan will star in The Host.

Andrew Niccol has now come full-circle on this project. He was initially set to write the screenplay adaptation for the big screen, and was also in talks to direct, before leaving to direct his latest feature, Now. In February, we reported that Susanna White (Nanny McPhee Returns) was attached to direct, although she left the project, leaving an opening for Andrew Niccol to step back in as director.

The story centers on a group of alien parasites dubbed Souls, who have the ability to get inside a human body and completely take it over. Saoirse Ronan will star as Melanie Snyder, one of the last few humans not infected by the Souls. She is taken over by a Soul dubbed Wanderer, who has infected more humans than any other of his kind. However, Wanderer finds that Melanie won't surrender to the parasite, and The Soul starts to bond with her and connects with her past life.

Inferno Entertainment is shopping the project to financiers at Cannes this week. It is unclear when production will start on The Host.