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The Bad

The author of PSYCHO presents a quartet of terrifying tales.

Shortly after renting an old country house, film star Paul Henderson mysteriously disappears and Inspector Holloway from Scotland Yard is called to investigate. Inquiring at the local police station, Holloway is told of the house's history....


Interview with Producer Max J. Rosenberg

Not much here except this interview. I find it to be highly enlightening as there seems to have been a period(at least in my mind anyway) where making a film wasn't this insanely complicated endeavor. I that making any film at any time was hard but it just seems(based on my impressions of Mr. Rosenberg) that even though there were obstacles, there was a time when serendipity played a huge part and if you had good ideas and wanted to make a film, as long as it wasn't too far off the beaten path, then that goal could be accomplished. It's nice to see a film like THE HOUSE THAT DRIPPED BLOOD and have it not be bogged down by it's subject matter. Rosenberg didn't seem to be trying to create some typical horror flick about a haunted house. He seemed to be out tell a good story and thus ended up somewhat elevating the genre. The passion that I think Mr. Rosenberg exudes and the ability with which they surely confronted every filmmaking obstacle has to be commended. I think anyone...filmmaker or otherwise will most surely see that when they screen this dvd.


Presented in Technicolor 16x9 widescreen, I think this looked great. For myself, I like my films to be a bit "dirty", but it was nice to see an older horror flick hold up so well. There are no real use of camera tricks. These guys aren't trying to reinvent the wheel or make CITIZEN KANE. The 4 stories are all told in very straight forward style that seems to predate many of the 80s movies(both horror and non-horror) that would follow.


This film is in stereo and can be watched in both Spanish and English. It isn't clear what kind of stereo I heard it in but as usual everything sounded fine to "The Mush". I feel a bit redundant at times because the look and sound of the film really don't matter to much to me. I am not a home theater enthusiast. Maybe I got so used to the dvd format that I just take it for what it is. I know that if they want to all the trouble to put it on dvd and sell it, chances are it is at least going to be okay.


Final Word

I think this might be my favorite movie that I have been given to review so far. There is something about the 4 story setup that really intrigued me. I am a big fan of the movie CAT'S EYE so that might explain things a bit. Some of the stories didn't end as good as I thought they should(in one or two of the quartets I could see the ending a mile away), but I found that the suspenseful buildup didn't really need to merit an amazing payoff. After all, when something has been crafted as well as these 4 stories(the Denholm Elliot one being my favorite) I think the journey is truly the reward.

In fact, I think that all the stories were really well done. I only single out the Denholm Elliot story because it is about a writer who is tormented by a character in a story that he created. As someone who tries to be a writer(and I think you should be the judge of that), I became very absorbed in this story.

All in all, I think THE HOUSE THAT DRIPPED BLOOD would make a great edition to any cinephiles dvd collection.

Look at that...I didn't even complain about the lack of features.

The House That Dripped Blood was released February 22, 1971.