The Hulk: For now, make sure you file this one under RUMOR. But man, oh man, the fit's gonna hit the shan if this is true.

It appears that Ang Lee is taking some "creative liberties" with his Hulk film. Word on the net is that Bruce isn't going to just be exposed to the Gamma Radiation as a scientist. Oh no, instead, his FATHER is going to be exposed, which in turn is going to, for lack of a better term, mutate baby Banner. You see, reports are that Bruce's father is not such a nice guy. One scene in particular has him stabbing his wife (Bruce's mother) which enrages baby Bruce. We MAY see a baby hulk-out a bit. Now, over the years there have been many, many takes on the 'ol Hulk. Grey Hulk, Green Hulk, somewhat Pastel Hulk... But none have ever messed with the Hulk's origin. We aready know that this is going to be less of a joy-ride comic book film, and more of a meditation on emotion, rage, and the "Hulk" in all of us, but still... there are some things you just don't mess with.

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Also, for those of you familiar with the comics, it looks like they've turned Bruce's father into the Absorbing Man.

And did I mention the Hulk dogs, and Hulk rats? I DIDN'T? Well... apparently what happens to poor Bruce isn't really a freak thing. You see, the bad guys are able to use the Gamma Radiation to create Hulk-anything. Someone please create a Hulk Hampster for me. That would be one cool pet. And a Hulk Parakeet, too. Yeah, yeah... that would be fun.

Personally, I'm still holding my breath for this one. Ang Lee is amazing. He could really take this film and make something special. But if this is the direction we're looking at, well, it's not good.

Don't kill me, I just write the stuff.

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