The guys over at Super Hero Hype have landed 10 new photos from the set of The Hulk! Here's what they had to say about the pics:

'Bonzai' has provided us with 10 new pictures from The Hulk set on the Universal Studios lot. Previously he told us that they used 2 different sets. One set was involved with water somehow as they had a huge water pump and a HUGE tub outside the set.{@@@[email protected]@@}{@@@[email protected]@@}The other set is the lab, of which he sent us pictures before, where the Hulk is created. This time our scooper gives a look at the control room before it was demolished by the crew and an overall look at the lab itself! He says the lab set is the biggest one ever created at Universal, it's even bigger than the ones for the Jurassic Park movies.

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The scooper also revealed that production is now 20 days behind on The Hulkand will be shooting until the end of August! Thanks Super Hero Hype!

The Alamo: With the detachment of Ron Howard as director, it seems Disney has offered the position to John Lee Hancock. Hancock has made some waves this year with his latest film, The Rookie. With the success The Rookie brought to Disney, it seems they are offering him the chance to direct everything in their arsenal, including The Alamo.

Also, it seems likely that Russell Crowe will not be in the film, as one of his motivations for accepting the role of Sam Houston was to re-team with A Beautiful Mind director, Ron Howard.

Thanks to Yahoo for the scoop.

The Assassination Of Richard Nixon: reports on Sean Penn's latest role:

Sean Penn has signed on to star in Niels Mueller’s The Assassination of Richard Nixon for Monsoon Entertainment, a company run by Alfonso Cuaron, Jorge Vergara and Arnaud Duteil.

Set in 1974, the film centers on a disgruntled salesman who can’t seem to make ends meet and whose disappointment in life drives him to make his point through drastic measures.

Stay tuned for a whole new Lights Out...coming soon...~Brian