Actors Dieter Laser and Laurence R. Harvey, the stars of The Human Centipede (First Sequence) and The Human Centipede II (Full Sequence), have both been cast in The Human Centipede III (Final Sequence).

Dieter Laser starred in The Human Centipede (First Sequence) as Dr. Heiter, a deranged doctor who kidnaps three people and literally sews them together to form a human centipede. The sequel, The Human Centipede II (Full Sequence), went meta, with Laurence R. Harvey starring as Martin, a man obsessed with the first film who creates a much larger centipede of his own.

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In yet another bizarre twist, writer-director Tom Six will play himself in a The Human Centipede III (Final Sequence) supporting role.

We don't have any details on the story behind The Human Centipede III (Final Sequence), but it seems that Martin is trying to connect with the actual stars of the original film, and its director. Producer Ilona Six confirmed the casting news, and revealed that production will begin in May, with shooting to take place in southern U.S. states. A 2013 release is being planned for the finale, which is described as being, "100 percent politically incorrect."