Lionsgate has announced that young actors Samuel Tan and Mackenzie Lintz have joined the cast of The Hunger Games. They will portray the unnamed tributes from District 8 in this adaptation of the Suzanne Collins novel. Take a look at these new tributes below.

The Hunger Games District 8 Tributes

As of today, only the tributes from District 2, District 9, and District 10 are left to be cast, although these slots may fill up by week's end, at this current pace. In the Suzanne Collins novel, these tributes, one boy and one girl from each of the 12 districts, are chosen to compete in The Hunger Games, where they must fight to the death.

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Gary Ross will direct The Hunger Games from a screenplay by Billy Ray, which is adapted from the novel by Suzanne Collins. It isn't known when shooting will begin on The Hunger Games.