Back in June, Lionsgate announced that portions of their highly-anticipated sequel The Hunger Games: Catching Fire will be shot in the IMAX format. Today, star Josh Hutcherson revealed that all scenes in the battle arena will be shot in the IMAX format.

"They're shooting, I think, all the stuff in the arena is going to be IMAX. So when you go see it in IMAX, you'll see the regular movie when we're in the Districts and in the Capitol. When you see us go up in the pod in the games, it will open up into IMAX. It will be amazing. It's very cool."
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Production recently shifted from Atlanta to Hawaii, to shoot the jungle scenes in director Francis Lawrence's sequel. The actor also spoke about the cornucopia set that they built in Atlanta, before moving to Hawaii.

"They actually built a cornucopia in Atlanta that we shot at, and it looks amazing, and the way that the spokes got out, and the way everyone comes up on the pedestals and the water - it looks incredible," he gushed. "I've seen some of the CG renderings that [director] Francis [Lawrence] has worked on, and they look really, really great."