The Hunger Games: Catching Fire has re-launched the exquisite Tumblr blog Capitol Couture, with the first look at Effie Trinket's Capitol Portrait and a description of her colorful wardrobe. To visit the site: CLICK HERE

<strong><em>The Hunger Games: Catching Fire</em></strong> Effie Trinket Victory Tour Poster
"Head to heel in couture, Effie enchants in an exploding silhouette of chiffon and organza blooms. Never one to waver in her fashionable footwear, her heel-less boots are shod with a golden horse-shoe platform."

The next Capitol Couture Portrait will launch later today. Who do you think will be sitting in this posh yellow chair alongside the flamboyant host of the 74th Annual Hunger Games?

<strong><em>The Hunger Games: Catching Fire</em></strong> Victory Tour Teaser Poster
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