Netflix has released the first trailer for The Ice Road. This is the latest action flick with Liam Neeson at the center of it. Neeson was once a man known for his more serious roles in movies such as Schindler's List, Star Wars: The Phantom Menace and Gangs of New York. But Taken changed all of that more than a decade ago, altering the course of his career entirely. Now, he's one of Hollywood's go-to action guys. In this case, Neeson is in the harsh snow-covered terrain of Canada. Instead of carving out a path of revenge, he's going full-on Ice Road Truckers for a treacherous rescue mission packed with action and danger.

The trailer opens up with a massive avalanche that devastates a mine, trapping the men who were working inside. Mother nature caused a cave-in, leaving the workers with little hope of rescue. Enter Liam Neeson. He is tasked with leading a dangerous rescue mission to save these workers. But time is of the essence as the trapped individuals will run out of air in a matter of days. Neesen then sets to work, putting together a rag-tag team. They have to travel across 300 miles of icy, unforgiving terrain. It's got big trucks. Action. Sabotage. Dangerous chases on the ice. Explosions. It looks very much in line with what we've come to expect from Neeson in recent years.

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Jonathan Hensleigh wrote and directed the movie. Some of Hensleigh's previous credits include 2004's The Punisher and 2011's Kill the Irishman. As a writer, he also has credits on some major blockbusters including Armageddon and Jumanji. But this is his first feature directorial effort in roughly a decade. The cast also includes Benjamin Walker (Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, In the Heart of the Sea), Amber Midthunder (Legion, Priceless), Marcus Thomas (Drowning Mona, You Kill Me) and Laurence Fishburne (The Matrix, John Wick: Chapter 2).

The Ice Road poster

The Ice Road takes place after a remote diamond mine collapses in the northern reaches of Canada. An ice road big rig driver (Liam Neeson) is tasked with leading a seemingly impossible rescue mission over a frozen ocean to save the miners who were trapped in the accident. The team must contend with thawing waters and a huge story, only to discover that the real threat is something that they never saw coming.

Code Entertainment originally produced and financed the movie alongside ShivHans Pictures. Netflix then scooped up the rights to it back in March. While the streaming service does indeed produce a lot of projects in-house, they also get a lot of original content through acquisitions. The deal was said to be in the $18 million range. Considering what they spend on some of their movies and TV shows, that's not all that expensive. Relatively speaking. Especially for a popcorn flick that seemingly has the potential to grab a lot of eyeballs. The Ice Road arrives June 25 on the Netflix streaming service. Be sure to check out the trailer for yourself.