ABC is looking to bring back Bruce Banner and his green alter-ego in a new Incredible Hulk series, according to Heat Vision Blog.

The site is also reporting that ABC Family is developing a new TV series based on the 1984 movie Cloak & Dagger. It was said that both projects are in very early stages of development and Marvel Television wants to move forward with only one or two projects at a time, to establish a quality brand before moving forward on further shows.

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The site lists that there are also a number of projects that were mentioned for TV series including The Punisher, Heroes for Hire and many others. It was said that the Cloak & Dagger project wasn't on the original list, which was presented in May on the Disney lot.

We'll be sure to keep you posted with any further details on Incredible Hulk and Cloak & Dagger news as soon as we have more information.