Will he be Kelly colored, or a nice emerald shade of green? Sea foam or aquamarine? The answer to this most intriguing question is still up in the air. According to Empire Online, he will definitely not be grey. Which is for the best; grey is not a very striking cinematic color. Even in comic book form, Grey Hulk always looked washed out and a tad bit boring.

It has been confirmed that the Hulk will stay true to his natural hue. Maybe just a shade away from the almost neon green he was in Ang Lee's much maligned film Hulk, but not a completely different color as it has been reported by some sources.

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Producer Avi Arad cleared the air about all of this Grey Hulk controversy during the Spider-Man 3 junket on Friday. He stated that:

"It was a joke! Here's what it was. There were thirty people around a table, and they said 'is there going to be a grey Hulk?' And I was thinking about it and I said, 'who knows?' It was one of those moments. I had just got back from Japan and I was trying to talk about Spider-Man and this guy was pushing me on The Hulk so I thought I'll be coy. I don't know what colour it is, and all of a sudden it's headline news."

While debunking the grey hulk rumors, Ari did mention that a different shading approach would be utilized in the creation of a new GCI'd Hulk. He was reserved about exactly what color that would be, only stating, "It's a different shade of green. The color is not like the old Hulk. And no, there is no Grey Hulk!"

Arad also mentioned that the actress (an incredible choice he admits) playing Bettie will be announced in a just a few short days. The Incredible Hulk will star Edward Norton in the title role, with Louis Leterrier set to direct. Look for it to be released on June 13th, 2008.