The Incredible Hulk smashes its way into theatres this July. At the same time, a video game based on the film will be making its' way onto consoles across the country. Ripten had the opportunity to discuss the game with Edge of Reality Creative Director, Mark Nau.

Edge of Reality also created the video games for Spider-Man 2 and Spider-Man 3, so this isn't their first time bringing a movie-based superhero into a game. Nau jokes about the "Must-be-on-the-shelf-for-the-movie-or-we-all-die type deadlines" that such a game brings with it. He says that they create "hard deadlines" but that it's nice because "you've got this awesome character you're working with. It's also great because you KNOW people are going to see your game, so if it's good, you don't have to worry about making something great that doesn't sell because no one knew about it."

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Nau said that he enjoyed the game created by Radical Entertainment which tied in to Ang Lee's Hulk, and that "we definitely made sure we played it and analyzed it so we could see what lessons to take from it for making The Incredible Hulk."

Nau also addresses what you should see in a game about the Hulk:

Alright, so people are going to see the movie and hear about the movie and they are going to get all pumped up and excited about how awesome and primal The Incredible Hulk is. And they will want to be The Incredible Hulk.

So, we break it down like that. What is awesome about being that guy? What variety of situations play to what is awesome about being him? And how can we fit in with the tone and themes of the movie, making a story that follows the movie and yet extends beyond?

So, #1: Hulk Smash. So a lot of effort toward making sure Hulk can smash, and that it's fun to smash, and that if you think you can smash, it goes SMASH.

He also promises that the game will be "totally consistent with the film, living in the same world as the film. So we have the major scenes, same locations, all the great stuff from the film. Then we add a bunch of extra storylines with classic characters, updated to fit the tone of the movie." Asked about how much was added, Nau said it will depend on the play style of the person playing. You can follow the movie more or less directly, or you can wander around the city and smash things and find additional missions, challenges and villains. Nau did, however, refuse to name any characters who may show up to either do battle with, or offer aid to, the Hulk.

The Incredible Hulk, starring Edward Norton, William Hurt, Liv Tyler and Tim Roth hits the screen on June 13, 2008.