According to USA Today, Walt Disney's hit animated flick, The Incredibles, is coming to DVD on March 15th.

Jack-Jack's Attack chronicles "what takes place at the house with (babysitter) Kari and Jack-Jack while the rest of the family is on the way to the island or on the island," Pixar DVD producer Ann Brilz says. As the story plays out, the toddler reveals his latent powers. RELATED: Incredibles 2 Trailer #2 Is Fantastically Incredible

Other extras include an alternate opening, deleted scenes, bloopers and commentary from director Brad Bird, Mr. Incredible (Craig T. Nelson) and Frozone (Samuel L. Jackson). A making-of-the-film featurette began as soon as Bird came to Pixar to start work on the film. "When he walked in the first time, he carried a camera, and it was rolling the whole time," Brilz says. "We had this great body of footage to draw from."