Pixar and Boom Studios are teaming up to bring us the continuing stories of their film characters in comic book form - beginning with the obvious choice for a comic book, The Incredibles. Well known comic author Mark Waid will be scripting The Incredibles comic, according to MTV, and if all goes as planned, other Pixar titles will follow soon.

Waid says that the comics will take place shortly after the first film, far enough away that the events of the movie have had time to sink in, but recently enough that the characters aren't any older and so that Waid's comics won't contradict anything that might happen if Pixard chooses to do a film sequel. "This is Pixar's tip on the Fantastic Four," Waid said, "so while I get to play with their toys in the toybox, it can't be so drastic that they can't have a future."

The first four-issue arc, which will hit comic stores in April 2009, has Mr. Incredible face losing his powers and stuck as a "house husband" while the rest of the family fights crime. "He feels terrible," Waid said. "He's calling them on the phone when they're on missions, to give them advice, but what he really needs to do is get his powers back." No worries, there will be a superhero doctor to resolve the problem. Waid intends to see The Incredibles continue in comic form for a while to come, he's already writing issue six.

Other Pixar titles will be coming to shelves following on. Toy Story will be the first film adapted, and Waid insists that there is no shortage of talent who wants to tackle these characters. "There are people even at my office who would cut my brake lines in a heartbeat to write The Incredibles," Waid said, "but WALL-E would be just as fun to do. We've been talking to folks about writing Toy Story, Monsters Inc. or whathaveyou, and when we say, 'Dude, we're a startup company, we can't afford you,' they say they don't care. People want to write this stuff."