Indiana Jones:The Digital Bits has scored the rumor of all rumors. How does an ad for The Indiana Jones trilogy on DVD sound? Here's the scoop:

"We have pretty good information that this set is coming late in 2003. The art below was allegedly scanned from Paramount's European 2003 DVD promo sheet to retailers (it comes to us via - a retail site based in Denmark, which apparently obtained it from studio reps in Europe). We're waiting for official confirmation from Paramount, but we do believe that this is the real deal. Keep in mind, this art is very tentative... just a mock-up for the retail sell-sheets. We expect the final package design to be pretty special. But this does seem to support what we've been hearing from a LOT of sources, which is that the films are coming to DVD before the year is out. And if the text on the discs is accurate, The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles may be coming to DVD as well."

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Thanks to The Digital Bits for the story! Stay tuned to the DVD Dungeon...we'll keep you posted.

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