A quick knock on the door indicated that something shady was up. A blonde woman in dark sunglasses paced nervously in front of my door, wondering if I was the man of the house. She then handed me a small manila envelope before hurrying back to her car. Inside the envelope was a black Shurlock miniature-locking safe. And this note:

We need your help in our investigation. To find the combination to this lock, go to www.stoptheinternational.com and look for the "Money Tracker." Submit the serial number on the piece of currency enclosed. You will receive further instructions. Thank you. And please, help us stop The International. Agent Louis Salinger, Interpol.

Along with the note was a 5 Euro bill with the serial number M15166389577. I went to the website and entered this information. It gave me the safe combination: 9788. This opened the small compartment on the locked safe. Hidden inside was another note and two blurry world maps. The note read:

I work for the IBBC. I know you've been investigating the bank for arranging murders, sponsoring wars, and trading in illegal arms and drugs. I've stashed money around the country. The money will lead you to ironclad evidence of the IBBC's crimes. But you can't do it alone. You're going to need to help - possibly even regular citizens, to pick the cash up. These "agents" can keep the money - and anything else they find. Maybe that will reduce my guilt. Hopefully, together, all of us can stop The International. An Insider.

This means that there is cash to be found tomorrow. All throughout the United States, there is a money trail, leading from Oakland, California to Boston, Massachusetts. And whatever sort of stash you find is yours to keep (though you might have to share it with some strangers). To find out when and where the money will be, visit www.stoptheinternational.com/findthemoney and click on the city closest to you. There, you will find a clock counting down the minutes until Operation: Stop The International.

The International opens February 13th, 2009.