Sony Pictures has launched an official website for their upcoming Christmas comedy The Interview. The viral site revolves around James Franco as talk show host Dave Skylark, who has been tasked with assassinating a North Korean dictator under the guise of a celebrity interview.

Skylark Tonight (CLICK HERE) is now live and offers an extended red-band version of Dave Skylark's Very Special VMA Special, which aired in the week leading up to the MTV Video Music Awards.When visiting the site, you'll also find red carpet celebrity interviews from Skylark Tonight intern Joe Mandel. There are also character bios for Dave and his producer Aaron Rapoport (Seth Rogen), and blog entries from the Producer's Desk, which includes a Q&A mail bag.

Take a look at some of the videos available on Skylark Tonight:

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Dave Skylark, who hails from Dallas, TX, knew from an early age that he wanted two things: to be on TV and to "get the hell out of this hicktown" (Editor's note: at the time of this statement Dallas' population hovered over 1mil.) Skylark has realized both of these ambitions. After realizing "just how good looking I am" he pursued a career in the "facial arts", better known as the television hosting industry and found quick success as host of Skylark Tonight. After meeting Rapoport through a mutual acquaintance the two of them formed a partnership that has made ST the highest rated show in its time slot, and Dave the wealthiest TV news anchor in the world.  *All quotes are used with permission of Dave Skylark who repeated his entire life history in trying to help with information for this bio*

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